Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was watch the movie Mr.Bones. The story about people life in afrika belive about super natural power. The king belive with super natural power to find their son. In this story the king sent someone they belive to find their son. The king sent Mr.bones. Have the many action and obstruction Mr.Bones must follow that during he want find son of king. Very funny and sad during I watch this movie. The moral value we can get from this story dont give up when you want find and do it something. For those people do not watch this movie find it at any shop or internet. very scathe who not yet watch movie Mr.Bones

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Many people of the new era don’t believe with the existence of demons or commonly known as Satan. For the Muslims, it is written in the holy Al-Quran that Satan does exist and not only that, they play the role of instigating the presence of human beings into doing the immoral. Two key words that we normally relate to demonism are possession and exorcism. What is possession and what is exorcism? Exorcism is mainly thought of as the ritual of driving out the Devil and his demons from possessed persons. Exorcism is mainly performed in incidences of demonic possession that is generally distinguished from spiritual possession. Possession and exorcism is related with another. The groups believe about this refer to the practice as "deliverance ministry" where gifted people drive out devils and heal while they touch the persons with their hands, called laying on of hands, and pray over them.

The true story someone in possession are Emily Rose. She possession start when she became student. From the history she possessed with one devil but when don’t have the any treatment, the demon become more to possess her and until 6 strong demons and more than 20 another demon possess her. Many modern treatment uses to heal her but all treatment cannot treat her because don’t know about her diseases and many specialist doctor come, also cannot treat and find the diseases source. Emily becomes more aggressive because the demon became stronger when night and the person become unstable of behavior like someone disturb her. After 3 month Emily in possession, she died because the demons control her, but in doctor report said she died because hydration long time cannot eat.

The same story with Emily rose are story about Anneliese Michel's, she also cheated possession. She was force to suffer with a lot of pain until she dies. Also same doctor report about she died because hydration. So from the 2 story above, we can see what happen to them. The different person but same cases and also dead with same what the doctor write in report, but for practitioner traditional medical they believe with super natural have the demon possess human and the tragedy that happen with this 2 person source from demon. Have the many way to treat the person in possess, but the different religion different their treatment.

To treat the person in possess call exorcism. Malay skill to treat is using the something neutral like a use egg and read the sentence from holy Al-Quran. For Christian, they use Holy Water, use cross symbol and also read the sentence from Bible. For Chinese, their use special paper that complete read with the holy word. For Indian, they use something neutral and also read holy sentence. Different religion different treatment, they have the many holy sentences to use by treatment the person in possession. From the 2 story above is real tragedy and until now have the person in possession, but have a few people know about how to treat. So the story about demon can disturb and possess human are true if more demon disturb and possess someone maybe they (human) can’t control their action of body because demon can’t control the human body when the demon in the human body. To protect yourself from the possession, you must have the any way to prevent refer from the master everyone. Lastly all people can prevent their self from possession and exorcism but must believe first the demon exits and already at around but is not easy to look.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


We heard a lot of about UFO but until now we are still don’t have the physical evidence. Many people in all country have known and certain people have looked itself the unknown flying object. In Malaysia certain people also have seen the UFO but until now doesn’t have any evidence the UFO came to Malaysia. People don’t believe about UFO said the object flying at air like flying saucer are object the other people do for publicity and who common people see is easy to influence with flying saucer. So, it’s true that UFO does exist in this world? Refer back at United State Air Force (USAF) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) investigation about UFO and the evidence that the USAF and NASA found.

Many secrets and evidence that USAF and NASA found but still they don’t have the comment about this issue. Why USAF and NASA don’t give the comment about UFO? The project USAF and NASA already spend a lot of money to find and investigate this project but still don’t get the result for sure the UFO is truly exists. So, from my opinion I disagree about article said UFO exist. Why I disagree? Because they don’t have the solid evidence and the physical evidence that can prove that UFO exist. A lot of scientist does the experiment and do again what situation when the UFO comes. The experiment shows that human can easily do what is said to be the sign of the UFO. This is the first reason why I said the UFO does not exist.

The second reason why I disagree about UFO because many authorities said they found the UFO and investigate about UFO but until now the authorities like USAF and NASA don’t give any statement, reason, comment and material evidence that can prove the UFO exists. USAF and NASA just said the UFO exist but cannot show to public, so it’s just story like science fiction. Many people like scientist and astronaut said the authorities like USAF and NASA just lie the people about UFO because to close the cases about the army activities and secret project. So they give a reason when people see this secret project.

The third reasons why I disagree about UFO are because the USA also investigates about UFO. Why didn’t other country like Russian have the technology that are more advance compared USA technology cannot investigate about UFO. So, it is true what scientists at other country said UFO just wants to commercials their project to get the budget to improve their army and to lays the people about their secret project that can to threaten people around the world.

The conclusion is that UFO is hard to believe because there are many reasons that can be support about the UFO do not exist. So, if you believe about UFO, think again because until now there are no agency or authority that can prove their existence and show to public the real UFO. The rumors about UFO be caught on video or picture is only some lies to get publicity and just to produce new story. So, think again!