Sunday, March 22, 2009


We heard a lot of about UFO but until now we are still don’t have the physical evidence. Many people in all country have known and certain people have looked itself the unknown flying object. In Malaysia certain people also have seen the UFO but until now doesn’t have any evidence the UFO came to Malaysia. People don’t believe about UFO said the object flying at air like flying saucer are object the other people do for publicity and who common people see is easy to influence with flying saucer. So, it’s true that UFO does exist in this world? Refer back at United State Air Force (USAF) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) investigation about UFO and the evidence that the USAF and NASA found.

Many secrets and evidence that USAF and NASA found but still they don’t have the comment about this issue. Why USAF and NASA don’t give the comment about UFO? The project USAF and NASA already spend a lot of money to find and investigate this project but still don’t get the result for sure the UFO is truly exists. So, from my opinion I disagree about article said UFO exist. Why I disagree? Because they don’t have the solid evidence and the physical evidence that can prove that UFO exist. A lot of scientist does the experiment and do again what situation when the UFO comes. The experiment shows that human can easily do what is said to be the sign of the UFO. This is the first reason why I said the UFO does not exist.

The second reason why I disagree about UFO because many authorities said they found the UFO and investigate about UFO but until now the authorities like USAF and NASA don’t give any statement, reason, comment and material evidence that can prove the UFO exists. USAF and NASA just said the UFO exist but cannot show to public, so it’s just story like science fiction. Many people like scientist and astronaut said the authorities like USAF and NASA just lie the people about UFO because to close the cases about the army activities and secret project. So they give a reason when people see this secret project.

The third reasons why I disagree about UFO are because the USA also investigates about UFO. Why didn’t other country like Russian have the technology that are more advance compared USA technology cannot investigate about UFO. So, it is true what scientists at other country said UFO just wants to commercials their project to get the budget to improve their army and to lays the people about their secret project that can to threaten people around the world.

The conclusion is that UFO is hard to believe because there are many reasons that can be support about the UFO do not exist. So, if you believe about UFO, think again because until now there are no agency or authority that can prove their existence and show to public the real UFO. The rumors about UFO be caught on video or picture is only some lies to get publicity and just to produce new story. So, think again!

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